ERASMUS + (2014-20)» Erasmus Policy Statement 2014-2020
ERASMUS + (2014-20)
Erasmus Policy Statement 2014-2020

 Erasmus Policy Statement 2014-2020 

The High School “Príncipe de Asturias” in Lorca (Murcia) is a public institution depending of Consjería de Educaión, Formación y Empleo de la Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia, where the courses taught are based on an official curriculum.


Our school has been taking part for several years in programmes and actions which promote European citizenship among our students ( Bilingual programme, Comenius and Erasmus). Through the bilingual programme in Secondary and Bachillerto, our students receive some subjects in foreign language and we carry out school exchanges with other institutions of similar characteristics abroad


Fort the last years the high vocational  International Trade students have carried out placements abroad through a grant programme offered by Cajamadrid bank (Bankia). There are also placements within the Erasmus Programme, giving the students the possibility of having a work experience abroad, improving their level of English and getting to know other cultures and ways of living.


Among the courses taught at school, we have a high specific vocational course (Short-cycles). This is the High Vocational Course on International Trade, belonging to the professional family of Commerce and Marketing.


Within the professional, personal and social  competences of this High Vocational Course, we have the following one:


“Managing relationships with clients, mainly in English, carrying out a tracing of the transactions to satisfy demands, incidents and claims in a suitable way, ensuring the level of the offered service”(RD. 1572/2011 of 4 November)

 Besides, this High Vocational Course needs for the Title the UC1006_2: “Being able to communicate in English with an independent working knowledge in relation and activities of logistics and international transport”. (RD. 1572/2011 of 4 November)


  • For the selection of partners and geographical areas


Since the school year 2010-11, we have been cooperating with LYCEE XAVIER MARMIER in France, OS VIDEREGAANDE SKOLE in Norway and with IPSSCTP GIOVANNI VALLE in Italy. With these partners, we exchange experiences related to the Vocational Course and cooperate in the placement of students in companies in the different countries.

In Dublin our school contacts directly with companies to place students with the support of an intermediary agency.

At the moment, we are setting new contacts in UK and Germany in order to make wider the number of countries for our students´ placements.


  •  Mobility objectives


The participation on the Erasmus Programme is necessary for:


  • Completing the training of our students with stays in companies of the European Union.
  • Improving the quality and attraction of Vocational Studies on students and companies.
  • Improving linguistics competences attending to language courses.
  • Promoting creativity, competitiveness, employment, attitude to business and long life training.
  • Promoting the learning of languages and culture of countries in the European Union.
  • Getting to know the employment market in countries of the European Union.
  • Promoting the attraction of the field of European High Education.
  • Exchanging experiences between the various members of the school community (students, teachers, administration staff, ...).
 In order to respect the non-discrimination objectives, we impulse the social cohesion, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue and equality between men and women through interdisciplinary contents and tutorial action of teachers. As we have a very wide cultural diversity (different student origin), we try to reinforce the learning ability to create a feeling of European citizenship, based on understanding, respect of human rights and tolerance with countries and cultures.

 Our institution is prepared to admit disabled students, both with building access and with specific staff in charge of this kind of students. We also carry out programmes to eradicate sexist violence in all levels of education and we also carry out activities to improve coexistence through mediation methods to solve conflicts.

 Dual Degree: Through the new curriculum, Once our students finish this Vocational Course on International Trade, they can study one more year to obtain the double Title on International Trade and Transport and Logistics.

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