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Hello, children. Welcome to our English Corner!

This is our place to improve your English step-by-step.

You can also review culture and traditions.


Ready, steady, go!


We hope you enjoy “Cultures of the World”, a section included in “Our English Corner”.





In October…     





            Halloween is celebrated on 31 October. It is an exciting event in the United States and in Great Britain.

            Halloween has ancient Celtic origins. On the Celtic calendar Samhain /saun/ was the last day of summer and the last day of the year, 31 October.

            On this day the Celts made big fires and dressed in scary costumes. They wanted to frighten the evil spirits. They dressed as ghosts, skeletons and witches. They believe that ghost came out of their tombs on the night of 31 October.

            Samhain also became a harvest festival after the Roman invasion of Britain in 43 AD. Christian practices replaced pagan practices. The Christian called 1 November All Hallows´ Day, the day of All Saints. The evening of 31 October was called All Hallows´ Eve. This became Halloween.

            In the 19th century Irish immigrants took their Halloween customs tom the United States. They introduced the customs or `trick-or-treating´

            American and British children and teenagers go from house to house in their costumes and ring doorbells. When the door opens they shout, ´trick or treat? People usually give them sweets or money. If not, the children play a trick! They write on windows with soap or spray shaving cream on cars and people!





            Our students of 1º B will made their spooky Halloween mask to scare their friends, while older students will do activities connected to Halloween superstitions and to other popular superstitions around the word.



Superstitions around the world


Make sentences about superstitions using Conditional type I.


SPAIN: Your single daughter / not get married/ if/ you/ have/ hydrangeas in your garden

UNITED KINGDOM: You/ be unlucky. // if black cat / cross/ your path.

ITALY: If/ a nun /walk past you// you/ be lucky. But you must touch something made of metal.

CHINA: Someone/ be lonely/ if number one/ appear/ a lot in their life.

RUSSIA: If/ you/ not clean/ a traveller’s room// he/ return/ home safely.

INDIA: A member of the family // become/ ill/ /if a dog/ whine.

GREECE: If/ you have/ cactus near you door// you/ not have serious trouble.


English Corner January



En los siguientes enlaces podéis ver las dos actividades realizadas por los grupos de 1º y 2º de la ESO, que participan en el Programa Bilingüe de nuestro centro, correspondientes a este primer trimestre del curso 2014/15.



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