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Information in English

What is the EOI Murcia?

EOI stands for ‘Escuela Oficial de Idiomas’: we are a State Language School dedicated to the teaching of languages. There are EOIs all over Spain. Click here if you would like to see information about contact websites and phone numbers.

 How many EOIs are there in the city of Murcia?


The EOI Murcia has four Schools: 

  Murcia 1 situated in Plaza Opinión, 4 

  Extensión Infante situated in C/ Alberto Sevilla (Polígono Infante Juan   Manuel)  (only for English)

  Extensión Alcantarilla situated in Pl. Sabio Lorente (only for English and   French)

  Santomera situated in IES nº2 Calle del Este 


How many EOIs are there in the Region of Murcia?

 Click here to check contact phone numbers, addresses and websites:  


EOI Caravaca de la Cruz

  • Extensión de Mula 

EOI Cartagena

EOI Lorca

EOI Molina de Segura

  • Aula de Ceutí
  • Aula de Abarán
  • Aula de Archena.
  • Aula de Jumilla.
  • Extensión de Yecla.
  • Extensión de Cieza.


EOI Murcia

  • Extensión Infante.
  • Extensión de Alcantarilla.
  • Extensión de Santomera.  


EOI San Javier 


What languages and levels can you study at EOI Murcia?



















What are A1, A2, B1, B2,C1 and C2?


These terms refer to the level of languages according to the Common European Framework of Reference published by the Council of Europe (CEFR) (click here you can read more information)


Plan of studies at EOI Murcia: 

EOI level certificates are comparable to those defined by the CEFR


Basic level              corresponds to level A2 (CEFR)

Intermediate level   corresponds to level B1 (CEFR)

Advanced level       corresponds to level B2 (CEFR)

C1                           corresponds to level C1 (CEFR)



Each level (except for C1) is divided into two 120-hour year long courses in the plan of studies


BASIC LEVEL 1                           (A1 CEFR)

BASIC LEVEL 2                           (A2 CEFR)

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 1            (B 1.1 CEFR)

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 2            (B 1.2 CEFR)

ADVANCED LEVEL 1                  (B 2.1 CEFR)

ADVANCED LEVEL 2                  (B 2.2 CEFR)


 How can you obtain an official Certificate?

 Students can obtain a Certificate when they attend lessons and sit an examination or enroll as candidates (and they only take the examination) corresponding to the second year of each level (Basic Level 2, Intermediate Level 2 and Advanced Level 2).


What can you study at EOI Murcia?


Year-long courses (ALUMNOS PRESENCIALES) from October to June: 120-hour tuition, available for all languages:

 Students register in June to get a place to attend two-hour lesson twice a week in different timetables .


Year-long blended learning courses (ALUMNOS SEMIPRESENCIALES) from October to June: 120 hour tuition available only for French and English.

 Students register in June to get a place to attend two-hour lessons once a week in different timetables. Students get another two-hour online lesson a week and have access to an online learning platform to follow the course.


External candidates (no tuition) (CANDIDATOS LIBRES)

 Students register in February to take an exam in June or September and to obtain an A2, B1 or B2 Certificate.


40-hour special courses: (CURSOS ESPECÍFICOS)


These are 40-hour courses (two hours per week) offered in October and January depending on the availability of timetables. Check our website in September for more information about the corresponding fees. These courses won’t be available in all languages or levels



How can you register at EOI Murcia? 

The pre-enrolment online process to apply for a place to study at EOI Murcia during the academic year 2017-18 will be announced on this website. An online admission form will be available.



If you have some previous knowledge of any of the languages you can study at EOI Murcia you can register for a placement test in order to have access to Nivel Básico 2 (A2 Level). 

Be aware of the fact that applying for this test doesn’t guarantee a place in the EOI Murcia. It will also be compulsory to fill in the pre-admission online form.


What do you need to register at EOI Murcia?

 Click here to read more information about the admission and registration process. We’re sorry to inform you that we can’t provide all this information in English at the moment, but contact us at informacion @ and we’ll get back to you in English.






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