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As teachers, we all believe that through the promotion of talent and human capacities to innovate we can build a better society and help students to develop their social, cultural and educational skills.

Everyone’s goal is to help students improve their independent thinking skills. However, you might have noticed that many educators, parents, and students are scared of non-traditional approaches to teaching. This is usually because they're afraid students will do poorly on standardized tests if they aren’t taught the traditional way.

The project will see our students getting ready for an unforgettable day in the classroom as they prepare lessons, learn new material, and teach it to their peers.  

This project includes a full week of preparation as students choose a topic from the next term curriculum, research it, and create a lesson complete with notes, handouts, a presentation, activity, and assessment for their peers. They teach the lesson to the partner class online and grade the assessments. The class also provides feedback on the lesson in the form of a peer review.


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